Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lunch Time Liquid Blog

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Since I 'm blogging during lunch it's only appropriate that I talk about what I'm eating and that I bring you up to speed on my lap band and life in general.

First of all, it has been close to impossible to make a lap band appointment. Their clientele has grown so much! It seems like so many people are getting the lap band. Why not? It's the perfect way to control how much you can eat without completely restricting you like gastric bypass surgery.

So I finally got an appointment, but it was two weeks out, which was yesterday. The nurse x-rayed me first and she saw the white x-ray liquid go right down with no problem. I didn't think I needed a big fill, just a tiny tweak, so she put in .5 ccs (I think it's ccs) of liquid into the lap band. She x-rayed again and it looked OK and she gave me my bottle of water to drink in the waiting room while I waited to see how I felt. Well, a few minutes later I was right back in the fill room. Then I had to excuse myself to spit up the water that was stuck. She ended up pulling out .3 and I only ended up with a .2 fill. I was kind of disappointed because I wanted a little bit more restriction. I hope that .2 is enough and just the right mix, not too tight but not too loose. That is always my goal.

So what does that mean when I get a fill? That means that the nurse sticks a needle in the port under my skin on my midsection. This port is the top of the tube that goes all the way to my lap band and the liquid travels through that tube to the lap band to tighten it up. Yes, the port and the tube are in my body and they lead to the lap band and yes you can feel the port under my skin. It's very interesting. I don't feel it unless I press down and if I don't, I forget it's there.

After a fill I can only have liquids for two days and then soft food for two days. Two days of liquids technically goes through lunch time on Thursday and I can move to soft food at dinner continue soft foods through lunch on Saturday. If I can pull it off I’m going to try to extend the liquids through the end of the day on Thursday and then go to soft starting Friday to give myself an extra kick in the butt that I so desperately need. Today is a liquid day so I just had tomato basil soup and a liquid yogurt.

I could not believe that it had been six months since I had a fill! Unbelievable and very bad. Going in to the lap band clinic at least every 2 months is maintenance and I need that. I need to go and weigh in and I need to be accountable. That is something that I need to do in order to break this food addiction.

I read back on many of my posts here and I they encourage me to move on. I’ve done so well working out and I need to stick to that. It will all come together in the end.

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