Sunday, July 11, 2010

Living Strong

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This week I have really been sticking to logging my food on The Daily Plate of Three things that I believe help in weight loss, besides eating less and exercising: log what you eat every single day, weigh yourself every morning, and try on smaller clothes every week.

These are three things I'm trying to make a habit. I want to get to the paint where I log on to every morning, without having to think about it twice. Same thing with weighing myself. If I can stick to these three things I will also eat better and exercise. Seriously. Because logging what you eat every day on makes you aware of everything you are putting in your mouth. It's amazing.

Let's say for example, that you just get the urge to eat two breakfast taquitos from Whataburger one morning. Your daily calorie intake goal is 1,700. You buy the two bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast taquitos on the way to work. But before you eat both of them you decide to look up the calories on My Daily Plate and you find out that each taquito has 420 calories. So if you eat both of them you will have eaten 840 calories, half of ALL your calories for the day and it's barely breakfast. So unless you're planning on skipping lunch, eating both those taquitos may not be such a good idea.

The other great feature is the pie chart to the right of your daily log. It shows you how much protein, carbs, and fat you are eating. Something tells me the Whataburger taquito will be high on the fat side.

So I keep on with my challenge. To eat better and to exercise more. I'm not always successful, but I keep on working at it to make it a way of life and not just a passing fad. The Daily Plate has helped me keep up with that this week.

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